Amahas Actuators

  1. Hydraulic cylinder moduleHigh quality cylinder, the precision machining of the hole and the external surface of special treatment, longer service life, coefficient of friction against.

  2. Spring moduleIntegral design, safe and reliable. When power failure, the spring return.

  3. Drive moduleContains yoke device, converts linear force to a rotating force, so as to open the valve

  4. Control panelInstall the necessary accessories.

  5. Limited switch boxConfirm the valve open or closed position

  6. Adjust boltUsed to adjust the rotation Angle, and ensure that valve is fully open or closed.


Assembly Drawing and Parts List


Control System

The control system for either hydraulic or pneumatic actuators are individually designed and fabricated to suit the individual requirement be for SDV, BDV applications.

Most common control system will consist of air filter regulators, SOV, limit switches, QEV, FCV and others.

These control systems are carefully designed to ensure it works perfectly as per requirements.